Yoel, Cuba 2016

Yoel Marrero, the creator of MCC, el Método del Cuadro del Casino, writes: “The Casino wheel is a social act that occurs in such a way that a marathon of infinite choreographic assemblies is not provoked … its essence lies in the enjoyment of the “call – response” and its improvisational character while the figures are executed with the greatest possible uniformity and accuracy. It does not have a rumba, it does not have a mambo, it does not have a cabaret or religious dances. The Casino wheel only has Casino. The showiness is based on the correct posture and the naturalness of the movements of each part of the body of the each member. The elegance is expressed with the subtlety of the social attitude and the cleanliness of the gestures. The fluidity is established through the optimized steps and the perfect connections between figures executed by the couples. The casino wheel acquires its best version with rhythmic and calm music, music that invites social prudence and not euphoria or outrage, music with peaceful and playful lyrics, neither vulgar nor religious, much less provocative and hostile.”

“In order to conserve the Rueda de Casino as a heritage of humanity, it is first necessary to be very clear about what heritage and inheritance mean with concrete utility for future generations and what must be a legacy and what must not be passed on to the future, we must discriminate and this means choose, separate, between what will have positive effects and what an effect of regression and backwardness and for this it is necessary to review in detail the entire aesthetic, moral environment, and wealth of knowledge that we must aspire to preserve to pursue human improvement and not the opposite . Humanity has to draw up a scrupulous and conscientious plan for the effective conservation of its best achievements through generations and for this the first thing is to adopt the best versions of culture and turn them into its standards. Humanity needs more brains acting and taking leadership, for the good of even the most idiotic.”

song = Que Pista by Los Van Van

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