In a typical Rueda, most movement occurs in a counter-clockwise (anticlockwise in British English) direction:

  • closed position (largo section): Vamos pa’rriba
  • closed-position couple movement: Saloneo
  • auto-pilot calls (everyone): Camina la Rueda
  • group figures: Cadeneta, Treinta y Tres
  • partner-changing calls (follower): Tarrita
  • partner-changing calls (leader): Enchufla, Prima

The flow, however, is reversed to clockwise for:

  • closed position (largo section): Vamos pa’bajo
  • closed-position couple movement: Enróscala
  • open-position couple movement: Paseo, Abrazeo
  • group figures: Cadena, Jardín
  • partner-changing calls (follower): pa’rriba modifier*
    • * as in Tarrita pa’rriba
  • partners-changing calls (leader): pa’rriba modifier*
    • * as in Enchufla pa’rriba