Saoco, DC, USA

In this 2019 video, Saoco DC includes various advanced couple figures from their extensive curriculum.

A key factor in the success of this Washington, DC group is that they encourage group members to fine tune the craft of calling while reviewing the figures in each individual’s Cantante Toolbox.

Note: all 5 leaders take turns calling the Rueda … a model for Rueda Team PRACTICES:

  • on-time calling
  • projecting voice for a 5-couple Rueda
  • calling various advanced couple figures (see the list in “Figures” category of this website)
  • calling using the SIN PARADAS modality

Divide up the sequences among the Cantante Team and practice calling it. Review any unfamiliar couple (or group) figures.

song = La Cuenta by Berna Jam

more YouTube videos at: