A paradigm is the way we think about or do something. There are 2 opposing, overarching paradigms in Rueda:

#1-Rueda is STATIC.

In this first paradigm, Rueda is a series of couple figures. Just as they do in class, couples form a circle, execute a figure, and move from “station to station” to change partners before the next couple figure. Static Rueda emphasizes what each couple can do.

#2-Rueda is DYNAMIC.

In this second paradigm, Rueda emphasizes couple and group movement, non-stop speed, changes in direction / structure / roles. While some couple figures are included, dancers primarily move around and through the circle to change partners and perform group figures.

In a small but growing number of Cuban dance communities, particularly in Europe, paradigm #2 has gained in popularity as dancers began to adopt new modalities and social Rueda structures.