Balázs, Hungary, 2019

This Rueda Caleidoscopio combines the Afrocuban modality with Linea Moderna + Avenida structures. It is a testament to the benefit of cantantes learning from other cantantes … and then sharing that knowledge with cantantes in other Rueda communities.

The cantante in the video is Balázs Puskás of Salsa Fuerte in Szombathely, Hungary. Also in the video of this workshop at the RuedX 2019 Cuban Salsa Weekend:

  • Alix & Eva of Cuban Salsa Graz, Austria
  • Jaro of Salsa Rueda Dance, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Eva, Jan, & Petra of Cubana Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • and Yusimi Moya Rodríguez II, Cuban dancer in Vienna, Austria

They are all not only talented dancers and cantantes of Rueda in their own right, they seek out opportunities to learn from other dancers and cantantes. In this video, they showcase the work of:

  • Nikola Medic of Havana Belgrado, Serbia
  • Yanek Revilla of Sabor DKY, Santiago, Cuba
  • Sassan Ito of Rueda de Casino, Berlin, Germany