This modality adds a variety of Afro-Cuban elements into the library of Rueda calls:

  • added at the end of a couple figure (Sombrero con Mambo)
  • interjected into a change of partners (Enchufla con Rumba)
  • included in a group figure (Al Media con Pilón)

Cantantes well-versed in the wide panorama of Cuban dance and music recognize that it is very common for musicians to vary segments of a song, changing it to a different Cuban musical genre entirely. For example, the musicians change to Son timing … add a Cha-Cha beat … or a particular style of Rumba. Cantantes should consider these as all opportunities for a Rueda group to demonstrate their understanding of “Cuban dance” beyond Casino.

Important note: In recent years, however, some cantantes have chosen to include Orishas into their library of Rueda calls … Elegua or Ochún for example. Since these are considered religious in nature by Cubans, there are a number of cantantes who avoid calling them in a secular dance such as Rueda.