GROUP Figures

GROUP FIGURES are key calls of Rueda. Obviously, since they involve several dancers’ interaction, they must be practiced as a group. Group figures usually occur:

  • in the middle of the circle. The “wheel” collapses as leaders, followers, or everyone moves inwards. For example: Patín (leaders), Patineta (followers), or Cadena (everyone).
  • on the wheel itself. Dancers walk in a circular movement. For example: Camina la Rueda (everyone moves in same direction), Tumba Francesa (leaders in one direction, followers in the opposite direction).
  • on the spokes of the Rueda. Dancers will change to “Son Montuno” (forward and back as in On 1 Salsa) and walk in and out of the wheel. For example: Enchufla pa’Medio… Flor. A follow-up call moves the dancers around the circle: Treinta y Tres.
  • couple formation. The group briefly sub-divides into smaller units. For example: Puente, Toma Eléctrica, Contrario. (see “options 4-couples” for info about these group figures.)