Amanda’s Plan

Amanda’s Rueda includes these 8 SEQUENCES:

  • Sequence #1: a linear opening to match the song
  • Sequence #2: Casino couple figures + Caminando
  • Sequence #3: partner-changing calls around the wheel
  • Sequence #4: two signature DC Casinero group figures
  • Sequence #5: two standard partner-changing figures
  • Sequence #6: DC Casinero group move + couple figure
  • Sequence #7: a group figure into the center
  • Sequence#8: a couple figure + end-of-Rueda Caminando

Like Pepe, Amanda uses Guapea as “pause / re-set / auto-pilot” figures between both sequences and (sometimes) figures … but adds Fly as a second “pause” from constant movement and figures.

Like Pepe, this is not a choreography. Amanda has memorized the different parts of these SEQUENCES to be able to call the Rueda. She knows how she wants to start and end the Rueda. She knows what figures she wants to include to showcase the dancers’ abilities. She knows what DC Casinero created figures she wants to call. She only asks her dancers to follow “optimized” MCC technique as they execute the figures taught in class.