Carlton, UK, 2017 + 2018

In the next two videos, Carlton Thomas, founder and instructor at Cuban Vibes Dance School, demonstrates GROUP FIGURES. The first video is from September 2017

  • A lo Cortico (to change partners without DQN)
  • Cadena (collapse the circle)
  • Complícate (add feature to Cadena)
  • Salida … a call to exit the group figure.

song = La Modelo by Charanga Forever

A year later, in September 2018, Carlton calls more GROUP FIGURES:

  • Treinta y Tres (no partner contact)
  • Cadena (collapse the circle)
  • Complícate
  • Salida
  • El Ocho Mujeres (another group figure without partner contact)
  • Tumba Francesa (THE classic group figure along the circle)
  • Camina la Rueda (an “auto-pilot”) … Dame … Foto

Note: From his Cantante’s Toolbox, Carlton employs Cadena in 2 different sequences.

song = Mercedita tú no Duermes by Lazareto Valdés y Bamboleo

Note: Changing the call to begin Cadena in different ways is a technique of Transition Oriented Calling (TOCADOF), an approach created by Sassan Ito of Berlin

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