Pepe’s Plan

At the beginning of the Bailar Casino video, Pepe explained that his goal was to offer a practical summary of what he had taught that year on the TV program, Bailar Casino. With that goal in mind, he created his list of “sequencias“:

  • Sequence #1: closed position walking + 1 group walking
  • Sequence #2: walking the wheel in both directions, sometimes changing partners
  • Sequence #3: couple figures
  • Sequence #4: basic partner-changing commands
  • Sequence #5: a group figure to utilize the center of wheel
  • Sequence #6: couple figures + changing for distance
  • Sequence #7: couple figure from danzón.

Pepe used Guapea to make it clear to the TV viewers the start and end points of the figures in his sequences as well as between the 7 sequences.

He did not insist that the dancers memorize a choreography. Instead, he memorized his list of SEQUENCIAS to call the Rueda.

It is this degree of PLANNING that makes the Rueda work for the both the cantante AND the dancers.