In the choreographies of 1990’s Bailar Casino TV program, Cuban Rueda groups explored alternatives to dancing only in a circle.

In recent years, Sassan Ito and the Rueda de Casino Berlin cantantes have continued to play a leadership role in the category of choreographic structures. For example, they created calls to transition seamlessly from a circle to a line to a box and back to a circle and shared their ideas at Rueda events in Europe, the USA, and México.

In the first part of the video, Sassan and Helen demonstrate how to enter and exit a 4-couple Avenida structure. Then Richard Gontang of Saoco DC calls two separate Avenidas. The first one is normal partner-changing calls and the second one features Caminando (Saloneo), Tarrita, and the TOCADOF calling approach.

songs = Cosas del Amor by Combinación de La Habana … and then Pa’Cali by Tirso Duarte


At the 2019 RuedX Virginia exchange, Paul Cassens calls a demo of Sassan’s 4-couple Rueda Linea Moderna and Avenida.

song = Arma de Doble Filo by Angelito Ramírez y el Tren Bala

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The Rueda Festival Boston 2018 was again fortunate to have some first-rate cantantes to lead the practice sessions. In this video:

  • Camille Smith, Dance in Time, Washington DC
  • Gustavo Ramallo, Azúcar, Geo.Mason University
  • Eduardo Pinetti, the Rueda Project, Montreal, Canada

All three practice different commands for two interrelated structures: Linea Moderna and Avenida (Sassan’s creation):

song = Conmigo No by Timbalive

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