Beyond basic, essential CASINO figures, there are literally hundreds of combinations that different Rueda groups have created, modified, tweaked, or just re-named. On YouTube, for example, there are dozens of channels with videos of common (and uncommon!) figures.

Since the focus of this website is calling a Rueda, there is no list of couple or group figures. Instead, through links to videos of cantantes, this website showcases how different cantantes actually integrate couple and group figures into their Ruedas. To view lists, go to

The SalsaNor website “” offers a complete inventory of common Rueda figures, structures, etc. Videos added weekly. Subscription fee is $4.05 per month.

There are currently 250+ videos of the most common couple and group figures, ábaco, structures, etc. Some characteristics of group figures:

  • numerous changes of partners
  • movement along the circle 
  • movement into the center
  • leaders and followers separating into groups
  • Rueda breaking into smaller groups (usually 2-couple Pequeña)

For example:

A sample list on this website =