In many choreographic Ruedas, the dancers change from dancing in a circle to dancing in a line. At festivals in Europe, master instructors have led workshops on:

  • how to enter the structure
  • calls to change partners in the line
  • how to exit the line and return to a circle.

At the 2012 Ruedafestival Stuttgart, Judith and Humberto of Clavesol taught a workshop on the structure Rueda Linea and then called a 5-couple demo.

2020 … High Five Salsa = Noe and Diego create 2 new calls: Enchulfa Eñe (1:18 in video) and Chicle (1:23 in video):

song = 1999 by Elite Revé y Su Charangón

song = Lo Que Me Pidas by MoLa

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2017 Alexandr Maneev, Russia =

A first-rate cantante, choreographer, and dance teacher in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, Alex Maneev included Linea Moderna in his extensive YouTube channel.

song = Respete by Manana Club y Papucho

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