Pepe Argote, Cuba

We begin the calling Rueda by SEQUENCES with a video of a Rueda called by one of the original pioneers of Rueda at the club Casino Deportivo de la Habana, Pepe Argote (1950-2014). On the Bailar Casino TV program in Cuba in the early 2000’s, Pepe taught Rueda and, in the introduction to the final video at the end of one season, Pepe explained that he would call “sequencias” of what he had taught on the TV program that year. He includes: 2 group figures …. 3 “walking” figures … 5 couple figures …. 6 partner-changing figures. Some of these will be new to you. Study them. Add them to your personal Cantante Toolbox.

Read over this list of the calls … watch the video … and return to the list to review what he called. Then go on to the next two pages: Pepe’s Plan … and Practice Pepe’s Plan.

song = Un Pariente en el Campo by Adalberto Alvarez

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Note: If you are interested in watching more TV episodes of “Bailar Casino”: On the Rumbanana Salsa Group channel on YouTube, there is a playlist with 22 videos of Rueda performances by groups from the original Cuban “Bailar Casino” TV program: