Rueda Junkies, UK, 2017

An effective way to advance Rueda de Casino is for teachers and cantantes gather and explore, share, and dance Rueda together. In Europe, the TWSS group have met yearly since 2012 to share their efforts to innovate Rueda. On this side of the Atlantic, Ethan Wagner introduced the concept of RuedX (Rueda Exchange) in NY in 2014 … and subsequently in Montreal, Philadelphia, Washington,DC and Virginia.

The X concept spread to Southampton, England … Graz, Austria … and in June 2022 to Berlin, Germany! In the UK, Rueda Junkies gathers Rueda enthusiasts from several different cities to share their knowledge. In this video, Carlton Thomas of Cuban Vibes, London, calls common couple & partner-changing figures in the ESPEJO modality:

  • Enchufla … Enchufla Doble … Enchufla Complicado
  • Sombrero … Dame … Sombrero con Mamo … Setenta

Note: Calls are still on the first beat … but note that it is the leaders right foot on the outside when for the first beat of the song!

Hint: Leaders are wearing the green athletic pinnies.