Mike & Simona, USA, 2011

Creativity in Group Calls =

  • “walk” the circle clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • collapse the circle and then expand it again
  • break into smaller circles
  • dance on the spokes
  • change the modality (switch roles?)
  • form a different structure (a line? a box?)

For example: Mike and Simone’s Rumbanana (Oregon, USA) created lots of calls for their performance choreographies. “No Sé” takes 13 counts to complete:

On their Rumbanana Salsa Group YouTube CHANNEL, they post a playlist of 29 group figures they created (Pin-Pelota Complicado, Pan Cortado, Vacilala con Bum Bum Ba, etc.)

See the entire playlistRumbana Rueda de Casino Moves.