Thanks to the Cuban diaspora and social media, there are Rueda de Casino dancers in hundreds of cities around the world … and Rueda groups in every capital from Berlin to Shanghai, from Montreal to Tokyo. Rueda de la Calle and MegaRueda events are held yearly from Athens to Nashville, from Ljubljana to New York City.

Very creative instructors and master cantantes from England to Oregon, from Lima to Boston have developed innovative group calls, modalities, and structures and shared them at Rueda festivals in Stuttgart and Cancún, in Stockholm and Yekaterinburg.

At the same time, major world cities had only 1 or 2 Rueda groups, each sustained only by 2 or 3 cantantes. This lack of prepared, knowledgeable cantantes has always been a handicap to the growth of Rueda. We need a sustained effort to train and grow the number of cantantes needed to sustain these innovations.