Cantantes will greatly expand their Toolbox repetoire by exploring the 50+ videos on this website:

  • new group & couple figures, sequences
  • new modalities & structures
  • consider new options

Some videos have clearly included the names of the figures in the videos. For others, there is a list of the calls on the website page. When viewing them, answer these questions:

  • What are the commands of greatest interest to you?
  • Which command starts a sequence, modality, structure?
  • Which command is used as “auto-pilot” to transition?
  • Which command ends a sequence, modality, structure?

Cantante Team members who explore the videos and identify the sequences they want to review will energize their Team’s practices, expand all the Cantantes’ Toolboxes, and ultimately enrich the larger Rueda community.

The following video illustrates this exploration model. Specifically, how cantantes at a RuedX in Graz, Austria, had learned some new sequences / calls and decided to share them with other cantantes.